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Extreme Protection for Truck Beds and More:

  • Truck Beds

  • Truck Accessories

  • Flares and Fenders

  • Utility Beds

  • Rocker Panels

  • Utility Trailers

  • Horse Trailers

The industry's strongest protection never looked so good!

We take high pressure spraying seriously, and have been spraying polyurethane products and bed liners for almost two decades. We offer the industry's finest warranty, and are constantly working to add various options for the liner market. Anyway you stack it, we are Xtreme when it comes to standing behind our spray on products.

A pickup truck never had it so good!

The same goes for trailers, flat beds, dump trucks and many other spray on automotive applications. But our functionality doesn't end there. Even though we're the spray in truck bed liner experts, we've developed products for our high pressure spraying systems that support many other industries including manufacturing, marine, construction, agriculture and oil & gas. The versatility of our high pressure spraying system is almost endless, and gives our customers a plethora of options with respect to chemicals that can be applied.


Do you have a special need for protection? Looking for water protection or rust proofing, skid resistance, impact protection, or just a special look or styling contact us for more information.

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